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Pole Art

Our Pole Art classes explore the wonderful and limitless world of pole dance spins, tricks, transitions and how they intertwine into beautiful combos and sequences. 

Our current Pole Art levels are Fundamentals 1, Fundamentals 2, Intermediate 1, and Intermediate 2.  You need zero prior experience to start with our Pole Art classes - they are open to people of all genders, bodies & fitness levels. 


New at artifly? Book your trial class via Mindbody and start flying with us! 

Pole Art - Levels Guideline

When it comes to pole dance levels, each studio may categorise theirs a little differently. It's also common for levels to get adjusted and revised from time to time. Use the following list as a guideline for where you best fit in artifly's Pole Art levels.

There is no determined time for how long a person stays in a certain level.
Your pole journey is unique and you fly at your own pace. 

Fundamentals 1

You are at the very beginning of your pole journey. Perhaps you already do other forms of physical activity, perhaps not. This is the entry level for anyone who is starting with pole classes for the first time. 

What we work on:

- introduction of basic pole spins, transitions & tricks
- small sequences joining basic moves
- no inversions (upside down moves)
- no spinning pole 

examples: fireman spin, backhook spin, basic sit, basic climb, martini from the floor, bodywaves, etc. 

Fundamentals 2

You've already gotten the hang of F1 moves and are able to execute them in small sequences. In F2 we elaborate on F1 moves with more challenging variations, longer combos & sequences, and introduce you to basic spinning pole and a first inversion!

What we work on:

- elaboration of Fundamentals 1
- bigger combos & sequences
- first inversion (the crossed-leg leanback)
- introduction to basic spinning pole

examples: forearm climb, blade from the top, more challenging variations and progressions of almost all F1 moves, etc. 

Intermediate 1 

You're confident in F1 & F2 moves and sequences. IN Int1 you start exploring the upside down world, as well as movements that require more strength. 

What we work on:

- more challenging spins (e.g. baby angel)
- combos & sequences combining F1, F2 & Int 1 moves
- first inverts (standard & straddle) & ways to exit 
- introduction to inverted shapes
- bigger combos  both on static & spinning pole

examples: basic leghooks, crucifix, dolphin, superman, genie, butterfly, butterfly handstand, baby ballerina, brass monkey, jasmine, basic shoulder mount, etc. 

Intermediate 2 

You're confident in Fundamentals & Intermediate 1 moves and can execute bigger combos. You have already developed a good level of strength, control & body awareness in relation to the pole. This level is a fusion of higher intermediate and lower advanced. 

What we work on:

- elaboration of Intermediate 1 
- many more Int 1 shape variations
- new entry and exit points of familiar tricks
- combining F1, F2, Int 1 & Int 2 moves
- bigger combos  both on static & spinning pole

examples: extended butterfly, anastasia, brass bridge, superman off the pole, jallegra, handspring, dragon tail, etc. 

pole art birds - some photos of our students

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